The Human-Nature Hostel




          "The Wilderness Warrior Project was created to assist Veterans who may be struggling to find their way among the chaos. Using nature as a healing tool, it is our intention to help Veterans rediscover the peace within the Warrior, guidance in the process of surrendering experiences which no longer serve a greater purpose and to provide them with a foundation for the life they deserve as they move forward. It's the war within ourselves we often struggle with most."

The hostel is located in Maine's most pristine mountainous region, where rivers, lakes, trails, summits, waterfalls and hidden gems are abundant. Veterans will be paired up with someone they served with and guided along extended backpacking & canoeing trips while learning the four basics of survival and primitive living skills. This experience will give each of us the opportunity to decompress and share in the comradery with our fellow warriors. Simply immersing ourselves in Nature offers a much more affective way of healing our inner selves. Sometimes all it takes is sitting around a fire on the mountain under a celestial starry night and reminiscing with a band of brothers & sisters.    



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