The Human-Nature Hostel


             The HNH library is currently under construction. It is a growing collection of books for travelers to enjoy during their wilderness getaway. Book donations are greatly appreciated! I ask that each person who donates a  book leave their mark on the inside cover with a quote or personal message to others (Name, Location, Message). Your books will be forever be part of the hostels legacy. 

Aligning with the mission of the hostel we would appreciate any of the following genres..


  • Wilderness education/skill/craft

  • Primitive/Indigenous living

  • Adventure/Expedition

  • Spiritual Journey/growth

  • Biography/Autobiography

  • Backpacking/ Hiking

  • Climbing

  • Canoeing

  • Medicinal Plants

  • Astrology

  • World Travel

  • National Parks

  • Self Help

  • Maine History

  • Building/Carpentry

  • Natural Building

  • Permaculture/Gardening

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