The Human-Nature Hostel


AT ; Fanconia Notch

My name is Ryan Holt, also known by my trail name "Yukon" as I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail (2,184 miles) from Georgia to Maine in 2012. As a Maine native, I've always had a deep appreciation and love for the natural world. My younger self served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps Infantry from 2003-2011. After multiple deployments to the front lines of Iraq & Afghanistan, I had never been more lost and the amount of unanswered questions seemed to be drowning me. I felt, "There has to be more to this life..?" Following my honorable discharge and in search of a greater purpose, I took to the Appalachian Trail and "walked off the war." On September 18, 2012 (my 28th birthday) I completed the A.T., "Meeting myself for the first time on top of Mt. Katahdin." Six months immersed in the mountains was all the medicine I needed and this is where the vision of The Human-Nature Hostel was created. I had let go of everything, surrendered to the forest and dedicated myself to healing, teaching & inspiring others through the powerful medicine of Nature.   

Photo Credit: Mark Fleming

In the Fall of 2013, I became a student of the wild and furthered my education at the "Jack Mountain Bushcraft School"  The yearlong wilderness immersion program heightened my awareness, skills and knowledge to new levels. My experiences range from all types of geographical locations & climates. Each with its own unique set of challenges which have continually tested my physical, mental and spiritual self. I'm passionate about living sustainably and within the balance of the natural world, we are not visitors or separate from nature, we are very much a part of it. There is no greater purpose than providing a service to others, at The Human-Nature Hostel and as a Registered Maine Guide I dedicate myself to a life of service to all of you and as a steward of the wilderness...

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